Mind Body Leadership creates motivated youth leaders with the ability to understand their true purpose and how to build their own self-capacity in the service of others.

Customized learning encompasses physical, mental and emotional practices. A dynamic and interactive program format includes small group discussion and reflection fostering listening, empathy and respect.

The program is focussed on a community-based project, where all participants contribute to a common team goal.

Through this program, participants as young as 13 years benefit from new-found confidence, awareness and emotional intelligence.


+ Self-awareness and understanding of ones own strengths, limitations and intentions
+ Confidence and self-appreciation
+ Discovery of one’s own purpose, vision, conviction and passion
+ Increased relational capacity
+ Mindfulness skills, decreased stress, and the ability to manage emotional triggers
+ Skills to mitigate self-bullying and over-criticism
+ Resilience
+ Empathy and compassion
+ Ability to embrace one’s own individuality among their peers
+ Willing and able to be seen and heard; finding/using ones voice

+ Engagement and empowerment
+ Team cooperation and collaboration
+ Goal setting and accountability for results
+ Values driven decision-making skills and the ability to be “first to act”
+ Discovery of capacity
+ Creativity and innovation


Threshold Housing Society needed a leadership development solution that would provide at-risk youth in its Semi-Independent and Supported Independent Living programs with the skills to develop self-sufficiency and contribute to their community, ultimately preventing homelessness.

Mind Body Leadership delivered a customized 2-day program that provided valuable life-skills that enabled participants to be more independent; understand their purpose and thrive with increased capacity and resilience.