MBL’s experiential programs encompass a series of participant learning paths that optimize physical, mental and emotional outcomes to create powerful leaders.

We understand every team, group and organization’s needs are different. MBL’s programs are completely customized based on these individualized needs, creating a learning roadmap that provides teachings and learning solutions that create targeted, effective outcomes for groups and individual participants alike.

Program Design & Delivery

Preparation for program delivery begins long before our training sessions do, beginning with a thorough client consultation which we use to identify the instructional methods and outcomes that best suit the needs of the audience.

Our program training is designed to be delivered in a variety of different learning environments. From in-office sessions, to community centres or conference spaces, we will help you identify and plan the best venue for your MBL program delivery.

Programs are available for executives, organizations, entrepreneurs and youth groups. To learn about customized options for your group, contact us.