This intensive training program develops effective entrepreneurs equipped with the awareness and skills to be masterful in business and in life through clearly defined vision and purposeful actions.

A series of customized learning paths build self-confidence, capacity and emotional intelligence through the integration of mind body practices.

Ignites a high performance culture, where courageous leaders instill confidence and accelerate growth and innovation. Mind Body Leadership training enables entrepreneurs to make the transformative leap to leading and influencing.


+ Clear understanding of purpose, vision and values
+ Ability to create and lead teams
+ Confidence that commands presence
+ Resilience and willpower
+ Relational capacity
+ Public speaking skills
+ Ability to enlist external support and resources
+ Self-awareness and understanding of strengths, limitations and intentions
+ Mindfulness skills, decreased stress, and the ability to manage emotional triggers

+ “Level 5” leadership at all organizational levels
+ Team cooperation and collaboration
+ Values-driven decision making that’s continuous and scalable with growth
+ Goal setting and accountability for results
+ Opportunity and change leadership skills
+ Creativity and innovation
+ Discovery of capacity and values-based differentiators


The University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business delivers a First Nations entrepreneurial program known as Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs™ (NW-ACE™). UVIC needed a mechanism to connect entrepreneurs with their vision and purpose, increase their self-capacity and provide them with the knowledge, skills and courage to see through the successful implementation of their business.

Mind Body Leadership developed a two day curriculum to meet the specific needs of First Nations participants, giving them the awareness and understanding to increase their capacity, define their vision and see through the implementation of their business.