Mind Body Leadership creates powerful leaders by enabling employees at all levels of an organization to make the transformative leap from managing and controlling to leading purposefully, creating leaders that are ‘first to act’.

Participants learn practical skills to effectively connect people and create collaborative teams focused on a common purpose. This resulting purpose and values-driven culture empowers high performance, creates resilience and ensures the ability to effectively overcome challenges and constraints, translating into cohesive organizational force, improved output and enhanced competitiveness.

Executive and Organizational programs are developed and delivered in collaboration with Where The Head Goes Performance Systems.


+ Self-awareness and understanding of one’s own strengths, capacities and intentions
+ Enhanced emotional intelligence and stronger relationships with self and colleagues
+ Clarity, transparency and understanding of individual purpose and values
+ Opportunity to highly leverage the alignment and synergy between people
+ Confidence, resilience and self-appreciation with a capacity for self-control and self-discipline
+ Mindfulness skills, decreased stress, and the ability to manage emotional triggers
+ Recognize broader opportunities for growth and to develop situational leadership skill sets

+ Increased transparency and emotional engagement with respect to the vision and mission of the organization
+ The creation of “Level 5” leadership at all organizational levels
+ Clarity and understanding of the contribution of individuals towards the achievement of goals for teams and the entire organization
+ The opportunity to discover business system ‘gaps’ and constraints
+ Identification of critical actions required to reach short and longer range objectives
+ Development of systems to drive accountability, self-management and self-leadership
+ Discovery of underleveraged capacity and values-based differentiators that support innovation and scalability
+ Reduction in required management overhead


Founded in 2008, Where The Head Goes Performance Systems provides performance consulting services to executives and teams that encompass business process analysis and re-engineering, strategic planning and executing strategic initiatives. Core competencies include: interpersonal skills, operational execution, process improvement, communication and governance.